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Choosing the right competencies for your organization

Competencies, or simply defined as a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities required by a person to do a job efficiently and effectively. Every role in this world requires a set of competencies to do it well. Hence, it becomes imperative for the competencies to be identified and tracked for better performance and higher productivity in an organization.

A lot of jargon goes around the word “competency” and the endeavor of this post is not to add another definition of competency but to give a few simple pointers, if you are beginning to carve out competencies for your organization for the first time or are taking a fresh look at them to realign the organization in tune with the ever-changing workplace.

Let’s begin with a simple question that comes really at the beginning of trying to come up with a set of competencies. Why do you need a competency? Here are a few pointers on that:

Why Do You Need To Define Competencies?

Hopefully, that gives a picture of the purpose of competencies in an organization. Next comes the more crucial question of How to Select a Competency? Again, the approach should be to look at the fundamentals of business and try and link why you are trying to put in a set of competencies in the first place.


competency selection
How to select the right competencies

Well, we are not done yet. Once you have defined the competencies for each role in the organization, it’s time to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. So, how to make the most of competencies?

competency selection

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