Outcomes Of Mentoring in the Workplace



According to a recent study by US-based HR Consulting firm Manpower Group, employers need to check with millennials regularly about their career path and development. Rather than annual reviews, focus on near-term objectives. Frequent conversations will enhance their career prospects and long-term employability.

The importance of Mentoring couldn’t be stressed more, especially with an increasing number of organizations doing away with their Annual Performance Appraisals as now it calls for regular connects and conversations around career progress and development.

Mentoring has several positive outcomes for the employee as well as the organizations and can be classified into the following:

1.   Behavioral

a.    Increase in Performance e.g. business success, sales performance

b.    Decrease in Withdrawal behavior e.g. organizational turnover, absence from work

c.    Decrease in Withdrawal intentions e.g. intent to leave organization

d.   An increased tendency to help fellow employees e.g., mentoring others

2.   Attitudinal

a.    An increase in situational satisfaction & attachment e.g., job satisfaction, organizational commitment

b.    An improvement in career attitudes e.g., career satisfaction, career expectations, career expectations, perceived employment opportunity

3.   Health-related

a. Reduced psychological stress & strain e.g. anxiety, pessimistic world view, work stress, role conflict

b. Improvement in self-perceptions e.g., self-esteem, self-efficacy

4. Relational

a. Improvement in interpersonal relations e.g., positive peer relations, peer intimacy, satisfaction with coworkers, peer support, supervisor support, relationship quality

5. Motivational

a. Increase in motivation and a higher involvement in work e.g., hours worked, career planning, job involvement, motivation, aspiration, career commitment

6. Career

a. Improvement in career recognition & success parameters e.g. pay, promotion rate, prestige of job

b. Competence development e.g. communication skills, problem-solving skills, work knowledge, goal setting ability

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