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I am working in one of the reputed IT companies as Business consultant since 6 months. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have got an opportunity to do so right now. My cousin works in one of the reputed FMCG companies at a senior management position in sales. He has a brilliant idea (it is related to the same industry he works in) which even I think if executed well, it will be successful. He wants me to join and start the company. I feel it is a great opportunity for me as I always wanted to be an entrepreneur

On the other hand, I have a job offer of a business development executive/sales/marketing manager for a smaller IT company( since 15 years) with 50 employees.  I would be directly working with the CEO (who happens to be close to me)  to get sales for the company. I had this desire to work in US  and since here all the clients are US based, I will get to work from US in few months if I join. The CEO needs someone urgently and since I am close to him, he knows my capability and hence is trying to convince me a lot. He has also mentioned that if there is some idea or product that I feel, can be successful, he will support me and we can become partners.

So in all, I am extremely confused as to what to do. I am having equal inclination for both. It is true that I want to do something of my own sooner or later. Please help me

Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

Thanks for writing in. 

While you have presented the opportunities that you have, what you have not shared is:

  1. What are you good at? What are your strengths?
  2. What are your career goals? Do you have a roadmap for achieving your career goals? 
  3. Have you planned some milestones for your career goals? What do you want to learn from each career milestone? 
  4. Why do you want to start-up? What are your values and career anchors which drive you to be an entrepreneur? Is it only money? What do you want to really accomplish out of a start-up?

I would suggest you do some reflection and then have a look at the Career Development Plan available on NxtSpark. You can also read this blog post on Career Choices for more perspectives. 

Making a decision regarding career is never easy and I hope some of the points I mentioned above help you in getting clarity and direction.

Do share your thoughts and comments.

Posted 3 years ago

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