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Hello there... I am currently doing 4 years integrated msc in mathematics.. If I want to go for higher education then is it beneficial to do mtech in comp sci  if comp interests me more than maths??  Is there a great relation between btech and mtech and will I face many problems while studying mtech since I haven't done btech of cs though additionaly I have taken some of the courses taught in btech comp...Lastly if mtech is a no for me then can u tell me good options to consider after msc?? Thank u  in advance..

Posted 3 years ago


Checkout some of the other questions posted on this forum.. They were also into integrated program. I don't feel there is an impact of diff if you do M.Tech and your bachelors was not in Computers. As long as you can ace in M.Tech that should be fine. For the second part of the question, I think that will depend a lot what your interest are.

Posted 3 years ago

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