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Prakash R

I am Prakash R currently pursuing MBA 2nd year at BITS Pilani majoring in Human Resources. Having this big dilemma of whether to work in a established MNC or a startup. Kindly help me out with factors that would help me take a clear decision. I am looking forward for a good profile which provides very good learning.

Posted 3 years ago


I wish there was a straight forward answer to this question, but let try put out some facts for you which can help you decide. First things first... Startup is a very loosely formed word in India. 

For example, flipkart is still called as startup!! where they have spent more than 11 years with 30000+ employees. So make sure to review the company details when choosing. For this discussion we focus on real startups vs bigger organizations.

  • Startups are usually more agile, so you might have to play different roles in the organization, where as in a large organization which will have specific tasks to perform. 
  • Some times in larger organizations you would need formal trainings and certifications to perform a specific role, which I don't think a startup will care.
  • In bigger organizations size matters and they need industry standard process and tools which is probably not required at a startup.

Overall on your question of learning, I don't think that stops in any specific Organization, its probably how you learn changes.

Hope this helps, Good luck with you search!

Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

Hi Prakash,

I think that at the beginning of one's career, one should focus on learning different processes and best practices. An established company lets you pick up these things plus you get to rub shoulders with very experienced people. More so in HR, where myths abound, by working with experienced people you will pick up the right perspectives of HR and also appreciate the true capability of what HR can do. Do read NxtSpark's blogposts to get additional perspectives on HR.

You can look at joining a start-up later or with the experience you can start your own business. The initial grounding will go a long way.

Hope this helps. Do write in if you need any further specific info.

Posted 3 years ago

Prakash R

Apratim Sir and Soumen Sir: Thank you for spending your valuable time in giving deep insights. I have a doubt. How should I categorize a startup? In terms of year it got established, revenue or number of employees. Does the startup word still apply for organizations like Flipkart/Snapdeal/MakeMyTrip? Kindly throw some light on the same.

Posted 3 years ago Last updated 3 years ago


its a difficult to answer it in 1 line.. Startups are generally categorized by their funding stage.. It usually goes like Angel/Seed, Series A, Series B Series C and then IPO (in other words company goes public).. The names you mentioned although their still raising money but they are far from being startups. Revenue and year of establishment doesn't really make a lot of sense for the startups.

Posted 3 years ago

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