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Arpit Taluka


I am in a final year of graduation from BITS Pilani. I will be sitting for my placements in a couple of months. I wanted to know about the mentality of a Interviewer? 

Posted 3 years ago

Prateek Sharma

Hello Arpit, A well prepared interviewer will look for these: - Knowledge of fundamentals and some technical skills - Communication (How well can you put across your questions/ideas/solutions, it is completely ok to ask dumb questions) - Behavioral (Are you a team player or a one-man army, are you open to criticism) Some interviewers like to grill on academics, some like to see what your thought-process is, even if you get a problem that you solved completely wrong and some just look for attitude and aptitude, they think that is more than enough to get your started. Atleast in engineering, I have rarely seen interviewers complain about a student's lack of knowledge of latest leading/bleeding technology. So I would say, focus on the three points above and you should be just fine.

Posted 3 years ago

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