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I will start my query with a quote:

"In India you become an engineer first and then figure what to do with your life."

Similar is my life story, after couple of years of work experience with one of the top Indian IT giant I realised that this work is not for me, period!(Mistake 1) I took CAT but couldn't convert IIMs/XLRI n ended up in XXX for MBA(Mistake 2). 

Currently I am in final year and almost sure that will be placed by next month with an average package of 12-15lacs. But the thing is that this is not something I want in the longer run, I have bigger dreams, I have firm determination and a constantly burning spark inside me that I have to do something BIG, something valuable, something of bigger value.

 I have a vision (this might sound silly) but yeah it's my vision:

"You must have heard: Tata, Birla, Ambanis.......I want to add TTT in front of them." That is my Vision.

But at this point of time I am direction less & clue less. I dnt know how to reach my final destination infact I dnt know how & where to start.

Need guidance & some direction from you.


Posted 3 years ago Last updated 3 years ago


Hi There,

Good to see that you want to make it big in your life.. But from your writeup, it looks like you are still looking for the "What" part.. I would suggest, get enrolled with our Ignite program, which I am sure will give you some clarity. Its a 1-on1, 2 weeks program with one of our experts to create a career development plan for you..

If you are interested just drop a mail to


Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee


If I'm reading it right, you're talking about becoming an entrepreneur and I hope you're not following it because it's the in-thing right now and that it's cool to have a start-up. Believe me, there's loads of hard work to make it big as an entrepreneur and the journey can be an unnerving one.

On how to get off the marks, look for a problem around you that you care to solve and that you have a passion for - it can be in healthcare, education, technology, etc. I don't think this part can be outsourced to someone else or obtained from a course. So do some soul searching and come up with options that you could choose from. 

Subsequently, you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, join communities of entrepreneurs, get mentorship, etc. for your journey as an entrepreneur to build a meaningful organization around your cause.

Do write in if this helped. 

Posted 3 years ago

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