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I, Ashish Singh, have completed my MBA in Marketing (2012-14 batch) from Nirma University, Ahmedabad and I have also done my B.E in Computers (2008-12 batch) from Gujarat Technological University.

I am currently working as Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank in Vadodara, Gujarat.

I am not happy with my current job because being from a marketing background I am not able to justify my education by working in this profile. Also I do not like the profile and the compensation is also very low.

I want to switch job in a sales, marketing or a consultant profile. I have applied to many organizations like TCS, Infosys, Nielsen etc. for such roles but not heard back from them. 

Please advice on what I need to do so that companies where I apply consider my profile. 

I am attaching my resume for your reference.

Looking forward to your reply.

Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

Hi Ashish,

Yours is a classical problem faced by scores of young professionals whom I meet year after year. So be rest assured, you are not alone in this situation. Hope that gives you some respite :-)

Coming to your query, I will respond by breaking it into the following parts:

  1. Take an Inside-out Approach: What are your interests and strengths? Do a thorough reflection on what you have enjoyed doing the most in the past (e.g. some activities, projects, events, committees, etc. in your college) and write them down. It will help you zero in on what kind of roles you can apply for.
  2. BFSI vs IT: While BFSI and IT companies may have the starting salaries in the same range as they compete for the same talent pool during campus hiring, however in my own experience BFSI salaries can be 2-3 times of your contemporaries by the time you have 8-10 years experience. The career progression in BFSI can be faster and accordingly compensation is commensurate with that growth. 
  3. Banks provide wide exposure: Banks like HDFC, ICICI are universal banks and offer multiple products and services to customers, which means you will have exposure to multiple areas of banking if you want. You can stay in your role for around 2 years, learn maximum possible, do well in your role and then ask for a change when the right time comes. Career success comes with meticulous planning and patience.
  4. Job Hunt: Getting a job which you want needs persistent follow-up as it's a matter of when the right vacancy arises and at the time yours is the right candidature for that. So keep at it and you will get lucky!
While my answer gives multiple perspectives, I would suggest you to do careful introspection what exactly you want from your professional career and set milestones for achieving it. 
NxtSpark is soon going to launch a tool for goal setting and creating milestones which you can periodically review. This can be helpful for you. 
Also, do go through some of the articles on NxtSpark blog for additional thoughts.
Do let me know Ashish if this helped or you can write to me for any additional information.

Posted 3 years ago


Hi Ashish,

I think Soumen has covered most of the points, so please follow up on those and probably work with him to create an Development plan..

Just to add, trust me you are not the only one going through the same situation, there are tons of other people going through the same thing.. But once you made a choice there are consequences, so need to start working for it.. First of all the companies you have mentioned all hire from college or need experience. So start somewhere small or startups, to get the acquire the related experience and then look up for big companies.. Additionally keep working on what Soumen shared with you..

Hope this helps..


Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

The blog link in case you wish to get a few more thoughts to crystallise your own decision.

Posted 3 years ago

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