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Hi All, 

I have 2.8 years of exp in HR.I am now looking for HR certification courses. XLRI alongwith SHRM has offered an executive HR program (online) for HR professionals having 1+  yr of exp. It is 5 months course. I will be also eligible for SHRM CP exam later. Please suggest will it be useful. PFA my resume for your perusal. 



Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

Hi Nilima, 

Thanks for writing. 

I believe certifications are a way to go for professional development in the future for continuous career development. It shows the 'learnability' of you as a professional.

However, before you take up the course, I would suggest you to write down 2-3 key objectives on why you are going to pursue the course and what the key 2-3 expected outcomes. This will help you in having absolute clarity on how you can leverage the learning from this course and not take it up just for 'CV' value alone.

XLRI is one of the best business schools for HR in Asia and has excellent faculty in that area. So there is no denying that the you will get to learn a lot but the exercise I mentioned in the previous para will help you with more clarity. So go for it if you if you have absolute certainty on what you are going to take away from the 5-month long certification.

Just a word on your resume - it looks very transactional. Highlight what were the challenges, how you overcame them and the outcomes. This approach will also help you in staying focused on any job that you do because you will be concentrating on the learnings. Please remember that the first 5-6 years will form the bedrock of a 35-year long career. So learn as much as you can in your initial years.

You can also refer to my blog post Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years for some additional perspectives.

Do write to me if you need some more help.

All the best!

Posted 3 years ago Last updated 3 years ago


Thank You Sir for your valuable suggestion and feedback...I will work on my resume...Read your really gives good insight...My career plan down the line 2-3 years is to understand the whole processes of HR and i would like to see myself implementing the HR strategy rather than the basic HR processes. I am looking for HR business partner after 5 years.

Posted 3 years ago

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