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Rajiv Oza

My Daughter is in IX, I need to decide whether she should take science , commerce or Humanities stream. How do I find what she is good at.. Do you have any career tool which helps to choose this

Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

Hi Rajiv,

Thanks for writing to us. 

There are quite a lot of online tools available, some of them are even free. However, I am sharing a few pointers which address this dilemma at a fundamental level by considering an individual's interests and strengths:


  • What absorbs her so much that she almost loses sense of time? e.g. reading books
  • What energizes her? e.g. art & craft or a sport
  • What are or have been her hobbies or pastime?


  • What is she really good at?
  • What do others say she is good at?
  • What has she won maximum awards / accolades for?
  • What does she know a lot about?
  • What have been her best subjects in school? Is there a correlation here?
Once she has reflected on each of these, she should look at areas where she would need skilling to happen. e.g. she has an interest in reading and wants to take up literature subsequently. She can then go for Humanities and English / Literature in college.
The career options can then be mapped out depending on the stream she chooses in college. I find one very interesting thought for one to answer what kind of job one should take up after college - 'What would you do if you didn't want money?'
Do share your thoughts and views and we could zero in on more specific areas for your daughter to work on. You can also browse through Shifting gears from Confusion to Clarity for another perspective.
PS: Just so you know, we would be releasing a Career Development Action Plan where one could record goals and activities and create milestones to periodically review them. This could be of additional help for your daughter.

Posted 3 years ago


Hi Rajiv,

Here are some other consideration.

I feel the best people to suggest are the teachers (if she has changed are school much in last few years). But I would like him/her to go and talk to her teachers and come back and discuss with you. That helps in 2 things, Self-evaluation when talking to the teachers and a retrospection when he/she is sharing it with you. Finally it also makes her feel more responsible and accountable for her own decision.

Although tools are there to help, but I think human minds are well beyond any tool to rightly identify or map a human brain.

I know it’s a very different way to look at or solve the problem, but looking at the future I think we will need all our children to be more self-aware, accountable and decisive.



Posted 3 years ago

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