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First of all thanks to nxtspark team for providing this amazing platform to choose a right career.I have given my query in a detailed manner.Please go through it and help me to choose a right career path.

Short Term Goal: To work as a Business Analyst/Data analyst.

Long Term Goal: To become an expert in the area of  Business Intelligence.

Current expertise: I know the basics of excel and R tool.

Reason for choosing this career:

·  I love analysing things.

·  I enjoy critical and logical thinking.

·  I never got exhausted by using computer and digital technologies.

·  Industry trend like exponential growth of data around us.


Basic details:

·  MBA (General)

·  Fresher

·  Not from IT or CSE background.

Other details:

Personality Type: INTP (From MBTI test taken at many websites for several times)


·  Since I am going to finish my MBA this year (2015), what kind of work profile I need to adopt with respect to my qualification and future ambition? Along with that please suggest, what kind of work profile do actually I will get?

·  Do Business analytics career can be pursed individually or I need to club that with some functional domain like Marketing, Finance, IT etc…? And what kind of skill set I need to develop for a successful career in business analytics?

·  Future scope in this field.

·  Is my overall approach realistic or do I need to modify it somehow?

PS:I would be grateful if you suggest other relevant domains which suits my qualification and nature of personality.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Vishnu,

Business Analysis and Data Analyst are pretty different roles. They have their own career paths. Please share your thoughts on what you understand on these roles. The idea is to create short term goals so that it would lead you towards the long term goal, probably I am missing something here.. Help me out to understand a bit more..

I will get to your other questions Once I get a bit more clarity about your thought process.



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Hi sir, first of all thanks for your assistance, please go through the query below. 

Data analyst:

 According to my understanding, data analyst job involves mostly technical work like using SQL, statistical tools, excel to identify, analyse and present data in the form of graphs, dashboards, KPI’s to the management for decision making process. Along with pure technical work they also formulate and test hypotheses for solving the management problem. 

Business analyst: 

Analyzing business functions of a company in an overall manner and helping the top management where it can be improved. There is no much use of technical knowledge here. Here tasks involved are identifying a business problem, analyzing it in different perspectives and providing solution in big picture. After that the operational task will be carried out by data analyst people. 

 Example: enterprise architecture 

In my opinion data analyst are much bigger in terms of acquiring knowledge than business analyst. Because they are doing both the big picture work as well as the operational task. 

For me I want 50% technical work and 50% seeing big picture and providing solution. Putting simply it should fit my natural interest which I mentioned in my first post. 

I am not sure how accurate the information are which I mentioned above. Please correct me if any of my assumptions are wrong.

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Hi sir, please give me insights on my query asap, because placement season is gonna start in our college.So,I want to be in an informed state which may help me to avoid missing some opportunities.

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Hi Vishnu,

I think your understanding is almost correct, except for few things. Business Analysis mostly revolves around capturing requirement and Validating the requirements when the solution is built. They don't take part in the solutioning process. So based on what you want, BA role might not be appropriate. If I am reading it correctly, You probably what to get in a space of an Solutions/Presales architect. Cause Enterprise architects are not always about tech and solutions. You can refer to TOGAF's enterprise architect definition.

Its a long journey to become a solution architect. First you need to Master technology and architecture skills. Cause it needs experience and tons of skills. During that time you will learn Customer scenarios and business challenges that your technical implementation solves. You will start realizing that everything "depends". There is no 1 on 1 correlation. Cause as an architect you are never solving one specific problem, but you are considering the entire ecosystem for the customer. Once you have seen enough scenarios and implemented enough solutions, you will be ready to start doing solutioning yourself and your technical responsibility will reduce.

So in a nutshell, If you are interesting in Technology, start a pure tech role and learn technology and then start learning from your seniors and Architects.. And finally you will be ready for your perfect role.

Hope this helps.. Do write back if you have more questions. Best of Luck with your placement..



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