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First of all I would like to thank NxtSpark team to help students in making clear career decisions. I am currently pursuing MBA 2nd year and I am majoring in Human Resources and minoring in Marketing.

The confusion is I like both Marketing and Human Resources but I want to choose the one in which I have passion, capabilities/natural strength, personality type. Since Placements have started I want to have clarity and make the right choices. The eCommerce boom and the digital trends are attracting me towards Marketing.

More about me

Strengths: People friendly person, Empathize well, Adaptable, Team Work, Organizing skills, No mood swings, Patience, Hard working, Perseverance, High ethical orientation, Communication skills

Weaknesses: Less extempore, Working under targets/quotas, Less inclination towards Analytics. Not so passionate about technology, Less persuasive/influential, Take time in judging people 

I am interested in understanding Why people behave like this?, What runs in their mind etc? What have made people to be negative?Currently doing an online course on Psychology. 

Other observations: More cooperative and less competitive type. Giving more importance to feelings. Appreciate creative work/designing but I am not into any creative hobbies.

Observation from my Summer Internship: Did in Human Resources and I never regretted staying late or working for long hours.

Please find the image below of my personality type after taking the test 3 times in website.


Would be the happiest person in the world if I get this clarity. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Posted 3 years ago


First of all great to see your awareness about yourself.. I think this particular quality alone will help you go far in career

Back to your question, I think the only thing which will help you decide is the awareness of the Industry. Share you what you know about each of these areas? We sometime get driven by the popular beliefs about the industry. Like HR is probably a bit more laid back work than things like Sales and Marketing. Similarly, Marketing is more exciting than HR.

Based on the what I could read from your strengths, all those can be used in either of the domains. On your weakness as well, Both Domains will have targets, need for you to speak up etc. But those can be either learnt or you can adapt to those things.

But look at it this way, do you like guiding people, or helping people in things that they want to achieve? Or do you have inherent Marketing skills. Look deep in yourself and see what your previous experiences in school, college and in your day to day life has been, I am sure you will find out what you are really interested in.

Another key thing to note is, you enjoyed your internship.. Analyze that in details, it might give you some clues.

There is no one liner answer to your question, so go do your homework to find your interest and connect back so that we can help you make the right choice.

Posted 3 years ago Last updated 3 years ago


Sir I have given a deep thought on what you have told and tabulated the experiences in my school, college, MBA and summer internship. Please find below the table in image format.

Excited to know my dream specialization after your analysis. Thank you very much for your valuable time sir.

Posted 3 years ago


I will let other Experts to comment on what they think best..

But given the MBTI results and your data, I would say go for HR. But do remember HR is always not only about handling people, there are roles like Payroll, Scheduling as well. These teams have minimal contact with people on a daily basis. So start with your career and growing and learning about roles find the sweet spot for your self.


Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee


The colleges offer multiple disciplines for specialization to increase the chances of a candidate getting a job. The flip-side of it is that it creates a lot of confusion. Don't let dual specialization create that confusion in your mind.

I strongly recommend an 'Inside-Out Approach' of doing a self-assessment of yourself and see where your strengths and interests lie because that is what will hold you steady in a career spanning over 35 years. Don't fall for fads. If you think HR is what your heart's calling is, go for it.

You may also want to read my blog post for a comprehensive view Shifting Gears From Confusion To Clarity

All the best!

Posted 3 years ago


@Soumen Chatterjee Sir & @Apratim Sir: Thank you for bringing the clarity within me through your responses sirs and for investing your valuable time. It helped me a lot. The article "Shifting gears from confusion to clarity" was very good and would love to read more such articles.

Posted 3 years ago

Prateek Sharma

Really admire you sharing your personality type over here. From my 15 years of experience as Engineer in Silicon Valley across 5 different companies (2 startups, 1 mid-size and 2 very big corporations) the only time I interacted with HR was my joining date and leaving date, that's how much efficient HR as a process has become. These days more and more tech companies (smaller companies in particular) are outsourcing HR department completely since most of the HR-driven processes have become online (filing paperwork, payroll, training etc) On a side note, are these personality tests required now by companies?

Posted 3 years ago


@Prateek Sharma Sir: No sir but some companies conduct personality tests as a part of their selection process. I used it in this forum for getting best answers for my question.

Posted 3 years ago

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