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Utshab Saha

I am in 4th year/7th semester. 2 on campus placement(CTS, WIPRO) were held but could not clear the aptitude. Then went for 2 pooled campus(Prolifics, Yodlee) there I cleared the aptitude as the aptitude were technical based and GD. Then for one company I got rejected in last round and for another in technical interview. Now I am getting a bit disappointed and hopeless. What should i do now, what are the ways to approach to those companies and how I should be prepared?

Posted 3 years ago

Soumen Chatterjee

Hi Utshab,

Thanks for writing to us. At the outset, I can tell you that the recruitment process is meant to select not more than 5-8% of the applicants. Hence, rejection is a part of it. So don't get disappointed and prepare better for the next opportunity. 

I see 2 addressable areas: Preparing for Aptitude and Preparing for Interview rounds.

Aptitude tests, whether you like them or not, are used for testing for a few areas of capability as well for elimination so that the recruiter has a more manageable number for the subsequent rounds. You can look at mock tests available online and practice them. There are even websites which give you company wise, year-wise aptitude tests with answers and explanation. You can also explore some of the online employability assessments which companies are using nowadays like Mettl, AMCAT, etc. to get familiar.

For the interview rounds, the TMAY (tell me about yourself) question usually sets the bedrock of the interview. Prepare for TMAY by identifying your skills, interests & strengths. Also, take stock of your relevant educational qualifications, certifications, achievements & awards. 

Also, do prepare for the tricky questions like 'your weakness', 'your biggest failure', 'why should we hire you over other candidates',etc.

Having said that, these suggestions will work only in the short term to get you a job. However, for a career which spans over 35 years, you should know where your interests lie and create a Career Plan in place. The problem that you have mentioned in your question can be a recurrent one. A Career Plan can help you stay away from such short term issues. A Career Plan starts with objective setting, identifying skills & interests, setting time-bound goals, planning for necessary knowledge upgrades, assessments, reviewing the goals and making necessary career moves (outside of or within the organization). NxtSpark is in the process of launching a Career Planning process soon which will use advanced analytics to help make robust career plans. You could look out on NxtSpark's website at a later date.  

You can also read my LinkedIn post on Career Planning for some more light on this: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Do let me know if this helped and also if you would like to know anything more.

All the best, Utshab!

Posted 3 years ago Last updated 3 years ago

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