Turning Existing Feedback Systems Upside Down

About FeedForward App

Feedback helps in Employee Development, fosters Collaboration and drives Innovation. Today, employees demand feedback that is continuous and instant.

Why should you choose FeedForward

  • Contextual feedback is relevant for employees and enhances their productivity
  • Continuous feedback shows employees how they are doing in specific projects
  • Integrated system ushers in an efficient Performance Management System

Right Survey for the occasion

In today's fast changing world, staying connected with your employees is crucial for your business. Whether you want to gauge employees mood or a pulse survey for initiatives or even your annual surveys - NxtSpark gives you the flexibility to run all of them at the time you need it.

Actionable Insights

Conducting a survey just for viewing reports or data without actionable insight is futile. Our platform can help you find those insights. Want to go beyond the usual dashboard? Just type in what you are looking for.

Anytime and Anywhere access

In the digital world having access to everything anytime and anywhere is important. NxtSpark understands you requirement and that's why your surveys roam along with you and your employees.

Customized to your need

There are several engagement points to measure on several metrices in an organization. A simple, customizable and an always available platform with a powerful scheduling engine is what you need.


Ignite 25 users

Yearly Subscription

Track Engagement

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Spark 50 users

Yearly subscription

Track Engagement

Assisited Model

Real time Tracking

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