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Give the NxtSpark advantage to your Mentoring Program and maximize your ROI

About Mentoring Platform

NxtSpark's proven 3A Mentoring Model and industry first D.E.L.T.A Mentoring process not only gets you off the blocks but also gets you the maximum ROI on your Mentoring initiatives.

Why choose NxtSpark

  • Mentor Matching to help you choose your right Mentor.
  • Assisted mentoring to help you though your journey.
  • Measure Results to track the progress of the Program.
  • Access It Anywhere to enable your workforce.

Find The Right Mentor

The right mentor encourages and steers your efforts towards your goal using his skills, areas of expertise and knowledge of the organization. NxtSpark's unique algorithm manages the complexity of mentee-mentor matching with ease and accuracy even for large number of users.

Set SMART Goals

Goals can become meaningless if not clearly defined. With NxtSpark's Mentoring System, you can break down your goals to specific actionables and get on an active pursuit to achieve them.

Connect Anytime You Wish

NxtSpark's Mentoring software enables you to go beyond face-to-face or telephonic or video conference-enabled mentoring interactions. A mentee can have a certain query regarding his goal and connec to his mentor through this powerful feature. It also allows a conversation thread to be maintained for future reference.

Pulse Surveys For Dynamic Feedback

With Pulse Surveys, the Mentoring Program administrators don't have to run costly surveys that only capture feedback in hindsight. Get real time feedback through NxtSpark's pioneering Pulse Surveys that are inbuilt in the system.

Access It Anywhere

Today's workforce does business on the move. Why should your Mentoring System be any different? NxtSpark's web-based platform is responsive across all devices which makes it accessible by users anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Repository of Helpful Resources

Complement mentee's efforts in achieving his goals by sharing videos and presentations as quick learning aids. NxtSpark's Mentoring System allows a rich repository to be built to enable mentees make the most of the Mentoring Program.

Powerful Visual Analytics

A power-packed analytics dashboard to monitor the health of the program and maximize the ROI. This also allows a course-correction if necessary and facilitate exchange of best practices within mentoring users.

Measure Progress Against Goals

Mentees and mentors can measure progress against goals through NxtSpark Mentoring System's ramp up feature of tracking progress of various milestones and activities that a goal will have.


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