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Why NxtSpark?

Enabling Organizations Be Great At Employee Engagement

The World Is Changing, What About You?

Organizations are doing away with Annual Appraisals paving the way for regular feedback rather than the annual or semi-annual feedback. There is a need for a system that can capture continuous and on-demand feedback.

Tune In To The Needs Of The New Workforce

Millennials form majority of the workforce now. They are hungry to learn and eager to improve. They want continuous developmental inputs at work. Traditional feedback systems cannot address the needs of the changing workforce.

Continuous and Contextual Feedback

Feedback isn’t just from Manager. Feedback can be from peers, juniors and not necessarily from manager. Every interaction is an opportunity for feedback, for learning and for development. That’s the new way of feedback and we call it FeedForward.

How About Proactive HR Technology!

NxtSpark’s Employee Engagement Suite is based on nex-gen technology using advanced analytics and deep learning to generate useful metrics at work. So that employees are meaningfully engaged and ever ready to take your organization to the next orbit of growth.

End-to-End Employee Engagement

What happens after employee receives feedback? This is a question that concerns many a business and HR leaders. NxtSpark’s comprehensive employee engagement suite provides you an intuitive platform for your internal mentoring and coaching programs.

Trusted by Leaders, Recommended by Experts

Business leaders are increasingly adopting these products to gain insights into their workforce, engage them and get the best out of their smart people. World’s leading HR experts also recommend using these solutions to gain competitive advantage.

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